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TBM ​for Autism

Our Newest Addition

Supporting Students with ASD

“Therapeutic Behavior Management for Autism"  applies key concepts of TACT2 to children and youth struggling with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


"TBM / Autism" is a 10-hour training in the verbal skills needed to better manage and de-escalate situations commonly seen in school and residential settings serving kids on the spectrum.   The program melds concepts from Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) with those of Trauma-Informed Care to provide extremely practical insights and skills useful to teachers, aides, bus drivers, and other line staff struggling with behavior problems. 

Any currently certified TACT2 and TBM/Schools trainer may cross-certify in TBM Autism.   Contact Dr. Steve Parese ( to join one of our upcoming 4-hour Zoom or in-person cross-trainings.

New trainers must attend a dedicated 2-day Training of Trainers.

Watermarked SAMPLE workbook

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