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TBM ​for ASD

Coming April 2023

Supporting Students with ASD

“Therapeutic Behavior Management for Autism"  applies key concepts of TACT2 to children and youth struggling with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


"TBM for ASD" is a 10-hour training in the verbal skills needed to better manage and de-escalate situations commonly seen in school and residential settings serving kids on the spectrum.   The program melds concepts from Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) with those of Trauma-Informed Care to provide extremely practical insights and skills useful to teachers, aides, bus drivers, and other line staff struggling with behavior problems. 

The program is currently being field-tested, and is expected to be ready for release in April 2023.  All currently certified TACT2 and TBM/Schools trainers will be able to cross-train in the "TBM for ASD"  virtually.

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