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This year, become a certified TACT2 or TBM Staff Trainer

The most cost-effective way to certify your teachers, counselors, behavior specialists, case workers, or foster parents in TACT2 or TBM is through a Training of Trainers.  


Trainer Prerequisites.  Trainer candidates need not be accomplished public speakers or athletes, but should be comfortable in front of peers, have a strong understanding of basic psychology and active listening, and be in reasonably good physical condition.   Prior training in TACT2 or TBM is very helpful, but not required. We strongly recommend a training team of two or more, especially when teaching physical skills, and choosing candidates with at least 2 years in the field.


After completing the Training of Trainers with author Dr. Steve Parese or one of his highly qualified Master Trainers, your Staff Trainers will be fully prepared to certify others in Basic TACT2 or TBM. They will have a solid grasp of the program's core content and techniques, more skill in adult-friendly instruction, and the ability to test both verbal and physical competencies.

To learn more about what makes TACT2 different, and about the process of becoming a TACT2 Staff Trainer, visit our FAQ page.

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