I have a number of well-developed, dynamic workshops that can be easily customized to fit your staff development or conference needs.  All workshops are delivered personally by Dr. Steve Parese, unless otherwise requested.  (Choose two 3-hour sessions, one AM and one PM!

Description: Urban and/or special educators are often called upon to manage problem behaviors which distract or disrupt a classroom setting.  Handling these children and youth can be extremely challenging, especially when the adult isn’t clear about the source of the problem.  This workshop explores two psychological sources of problem behaviors, one deliberate and the other emotional, then offers strategies for both preventing and managing each.

Fees (includes materials for up to 50):

3-hour session    $2,000 + travel

6-hour session    $3,000 + travel

20% discount for multiple days

Contact Dr. Parese at SBParese@aol.com for a more detailed description/agenda, or to schedule sessions for YOUR staff.