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Site updated: Feb 28, 2024
2024 dates for Training of New Trainers and Trainer Recertifications.
Approved contract trainers listed at bottom of this page


Whether you need a single day of training in verbal de-escalation for foster parents, or a comprehensive multi-day training in verbal and physical interventions for alternative school staff, we have a competency-based program to meet your needs. 

TACT2 2019.jpg

Managing Adolescent Aggression

Therapeutic Aggression Control Techniques (TACT2) is a 3-day, trauma-sensitive staff training program in behavior management, crisis de-escalation, and physical intervention.  Updated in May 2019 and again in May 2023, it includes extensive information on childhood trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).  Through realistic scenarios and dynamic activities, TACT2 develops the skills to manage misbehaviors while enhancing relationships with troubled children and youth. Because of its comprehensive content, TACT2 is most often offered in alternative schools, group homes, residential treatment, and shelters serving higher-risk youth.  

Day 1 of TACT2 training teaches staff to distinguish between deliberate, purposeful aggression vs. true emotional crisis, delving into the psychological and neurological impact of childhood trauma and ACEs.  Day 2 provides instruction in practical crisis management skills, such as behavioral correction, de-escalation, and active listening skills, as well as exploring self-care strategies for staff to minimize the effects of their own ACEs.  Day 3 teaches safe and effective physical management techniques for handling immediately dangerous situations without further traumatizing youth.

Be at your best when kids are at their worst.

After years of problems in schools and homes, many at-risk children and youth find themselves trapped in hostile settings, surrounded by unfriendly faces. 

Group homes                 

Foster placements

Emergency shelters  

Alternative schools

Wilderness camps     

Treatment centers
Community programs    

Adolescent Units

Public charter schools

Places like these are often flooded with children and youth who struggle with childhood trauma, conduct disorders, and mental health issues. Some act out destructively, while others shut down or melt down under stress. Most have learned that adults are untrustworthy, and find ways to reject us before we can reject them. 

The best response to hurt and angry youth is NOT harsher punishment or more restrictive settings. While all children benefit from structure and clear expectations, rules must be enforced in the context of relationships. These challenging youth desperately need meaningful connections with trauma-informed adults, people who are trained to understand their struggles, set reasonable limits, and respond therapeutically to their behaviors.

TBM FC 2019.jpg

Strengthening Foster Children and Youth

“Therapeutic Behavior Management for Foster Care” (TBM/FosterCare) is story-driven, 8-hour course designed for foster care providers and support staff (updated Jan 2018).

Part 1 of TBM/FosterCare helps foster parents separate deliberate misbehavior from true emotional crisis, while recognizing the destructive potential of anger power struggles. Part 2 offers strategies for managing deliberate misbehavior. Part 3 explores the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on foster children. Part 4 teaches specific de-escalation and listening strategies to calm emotional situations. 

TBM Elem3 2019.jpg

Helping Students in Public Elementary, Middle & High Schools

“Therapeutic Behavior Management for Schools” is a 6-hour course in crisis prevention/verbal intervention skills for teachers, administrators, and educational support staff. TBM for Schools has been designed in response to our nation's renewed focus on school safety, providing high quality, trauma-sensitive training with a minimal investment of time. There are separate versions for grades K-5 (TBM / Elementary, updated June 2019) and Grades 6-12 (TBM / HighSchool, updated May 2017).     

Part 1 of each of the TBM/Schools courses begins by helping staff separate deliberate misbehavior from true emotional crisis. Part 2 offers skills for managing deliberate problems.  Parts 3 & 4 share valuable knowledge and skills to understand and de-escalate emotional crises, including those driven by home-based trauma.  TBM/Schools also offers an optional second day in basic physical holds and escorts for security staff.

TBM DD 2019.jpg

Supporting Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

“Therapeutic Behavior Management for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities” (TBM/DD) is a 10-hour course that brings the most applicable skills and insights of TACT2 to settings serving adults and older youth with developmental disabilities.  It was last updated in Dec 2018.

Part 1 of TBM/DD helps providers distinguish between deliberate issues and genuine emotional crisis, with a special focus on recognizing anger traps and remaining professional.  Part 2 offers strategies for encouraging deliberate individuals to make better choices.  Part 3 develops a deeper understanding of power struggles and escalating emotional crises.  Part 4 teaches de-escalation strategies appropriate to this population. TBM/DD also offers an optional day of training in self-protection,  holds, and full restraints, if needed.


Educating Children & Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder

“Therapeutic Behavior Management for Autism Spectrum Disorder” (TBM/Autism) is a 10-hour training in the verbal skills needed to better manage and de-escalate situations commonly seen in school and residential settings serving kids on the spectrum.   The program melds concepts from Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) with those of Trauma-Informed Care to provide extremely practical insights and skills useful to teachers, aides, bus drivers, and other line staff struggling with behavior problems. 

Currently certified TACT2 and TBM instructors may cross-train virtually in TBM/ASD in about 4 hours.  New trainers can certify in 2 days (verbal) . 


TACT2 Contract Trainers

High quality local training.  A limited number of experienced, certified TACT2 instructors have been approved as contract trainers to deliver staff TACT2 / TBM  training outside of their own agencies. Each of these individuals has demonstrated the highest level of knowledge, competence, and skill as practitioner and trainer.  Direct staff training may be arranged with any of these individuals by contracting with them directly, or through Dr. Parese at

Dr. Christopher Wolfel
Colonial Intermediate Unit #20
Easton, PA​
TACT2 Master Trainer, active since 2004

Approved for TACT2 & TBM/Schools 
exp 12/31/2023


Staci Mease

Orchard Place

Des Moines, IA

TACT2 Master Trainer, active since 2006 

Approved for TACT2 & TBM/Schools

exp 12/31/2023

Lynn Elliot

A2Z Strategies 

Baltimore, MD

TACT2  Senior Trainer, active since 1999 

Approved for TACT2 & TBM/Schools

exp 12/31/2023

William Savage


Bowie, MD

TACT2  Trainer, active since 2000 

Approved for TACT2 

exp 12/31/2023

Robert R. Hagans, III
Open Hands, Inc.,

Washington, DC;  Bowie, MD; New York, NY

TACT2 Master Trainer, active since 2015                           

Approved for TACT2, TBM/Foster, TBM/Schools  

exp 12/31/2023


Everett Richardson
E.W. Stokes PCS    Washington, DC

TACT2 Senior Trainer, active since 2006

Approved for TACT2 & TBM Elementary 

exp 1/31/2023

Teresa Lyons
Health Recovery Services

Athens, OH

TACT2 Master Trainer, active since 2004

Approved for TACT2, TBM/Foster, TBM/DD 

exp 12/31/2023

Joe Ott
Operant Teaching Tech

Catasauqua, PA

TACT2 Senior Trainer, active since 2018

Approved for TACT2  

exp 1/31/2023

NOTE: These are the ONLY individuals approved to conduct contract training in TACT2 or TBM outside their agencies.  Contract training conducted by ANYONE else is unauthorized; any staff trained under such conditions are NOT considered TACT2 or TBM certified.  Please notify Dr. Steve Parese ( if your organization has been offered unauthorized training. We will gladly take steps to address the situation and assure that your staff are properly trained and certified.


What Your Colleagues Have Said

"This instruction was valuable, knowledgeable and helpful in terms of building relationships with students and keeping school environments safe.  All sessions were engaging, fun and enlightening. Thank you so much!”

Reuben Jackson, Clinical Intervention Specialist

Largo, MD

“Very surprised and impressed with both the verbal and physical pieces of the training and how very effective they were.  [I] thought all of the trainers were very professional and knowledgeable of the materials and training tactics to make it not only fairly easy to learn but also interesting and enjoyable.”

Corey Holmes, Associate Director

Virginia Beach, VA

“This is the best crisis intervention model I have ever seen. The content is concise and easily delivered. Its practicality and trauma sensitivity are superior to all the other courses I have taken.”

Chris Moynihan, Director of Clinical Services & Training

Nashville, TN


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