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Strengthening Foster Children and Youth

Drawing essential content from TACT2, “Therapeutic Behavior Management for Foster Care” has helped hundreds of foster parents and case workers have a better understanding of the issues driving the behavior of children in foster settings.



TBM/FosterCare helps foster parents respond effectively when their children act out. This extremely practical 8-hour course teaches them to separate deliberate misbehavior from true emotional crisis, and respond accordingly to each type of behavior.  


Understanding trauma. Since a majority of youth in foster care have experienced childhood trauma, TBM/FosterCare helps parents more fully understand the impact of trauma on their children's emotions, behavior, and response to stress. 

Staying calm. Because foster care interventions usually take place in a home setting, it can be hard for parents to maintain a "professional distance." So TBM/FosterCare offers providers and support staff valuable insights into adult anger traps, power struggles, and stay-calm strategies. 

Note: TBM/FosterCare includes verbal skills ONLY.  


TBM Foster Care




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Download a 2-page summary of the TBM Foster Care program, including a rationale, detailed outline, and contact information.

Download a full, watermarked sample of the TBM Foster Care workbook. (This examination copy may not be reproduced or used in training.)

Download a comparison chart highlighting the differences between the various TACT2/TBM programs.


What Your Colleagues Have Said

“One of the best trainings I’ve ever had.  Very engaging.  I feel pretty confident in my ability to teach the course.  I enjoyed it so much!  I hope we will get the chance to work together again.”

Jessica O’Dell, Recruiter/Trainer
Atlanta, GA

“I got a lot out of this class.  It honestly gave me a better understanding of the emotional challenges and how it leads people to deal with their emotions.  It has balanced my sensitivity level.  Steve has a superb teaching ability and explains so that the verbal and written skills can be easily reverberated.”

Janet Shedrick, Community Worker
Baltimore, MD

“An excellent training that can help anyone working with at-risk kids. A great tool to build on at so many levels! Takes the natural process of caring for kids and breaks it down systematically.”

Straight Ahead Ministries
Northboro, MA

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