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TBM for DD

Supporting Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Developed with great respect for the dignity and rights of adults, “Therapeutic Behavior Management for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities”  brings the most applicable skills and insights of TACT2 to settings supporting older youth and adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. These include both residential and supervised work environments.


TBM/DD respects the rights and dignity of adults with developmental disabilities, while teaching staff how to better manage their challenging behaviors. 

Core content.  Requiring 10+ hours, the TBM/DD course helps providers respond to both intentional problems and to genuine emotional crisis, while maintaining strong professional judgement. Because so many people with disabilities have suffered great abuse and neglect in their lives, the course includes information on the lifelong impact of trauma.  It also provides skill practice in a variety verbal and non-verbal techniques for calming emotionally intense situations while avoiding unnecessary power struggles.

Optional physical skills.  TBM/DD also offers optional training in self-protection, holds, and full restraints, if needed.


TBM Developmental Disabilities




TBM DD workbook.jpg


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Download a 2-page summary of the TBM DD program, including a rationale, detailed content outline, and contact information.

Download a full, watermarked sample of the TBM DD workbook. (This examination copy may not be reproduced or used in training.)

Download a comparison chart highlighting the differences between the various TACT2/TBM programs.


What Your Colleagues Have Said

“Great training!  Very easy to follow and so much more interactive than any other crisis intervention program we have used.”

Melany Dixon, Training Manager
Atlanta, GA

“Our company now has a program that meets the needs of almost every individual we serve. It is on par with our own beliefs and standards."

Andrew Cobb, Program Director
Granville, OH

“The explanation of behavior motivation and distinction between deliberate and emotional is very helpful for our setting.  I especially appreciated the ‘how to teach adults’ information.”

Paige D., Psychologist
Fairport, NY

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